Life is better without TV

I read this good post on Man vs. Debt about ditching your TV and Adam Baker’s 11 reasons for doing it.

I agree whole heartedly.  Our house went from 3 sets to 1 recently and we moved the remaining set out of the family room.  It has been great to have a family room centered around … family.

I have to admit we still watch sometimes (more than we should), but the redecoration has cut viewing time by at least 70% family wide.

I woould like to add #12 to Adam’s list:

12. TV makes you boring – Ever noticed that everyone in the coffee room at work will only talk about the show they saw last night – and that most of them watched the same thing?  How much better would it be if everyone was reading a different book or went dancing or went on a hike through the park and then talked about that?

A tip for putting short bursts of spare time to good use

I recently acquired an Android smart phone.  I really like this phone and use it quite a bit for work and for other productive tasks.  I noticed though that it is easy to waste a lot of time surfing the web or playing games on the device.

I have decided to quit wasting the short, fleeting bits of time that are now being filled with dumb games.

I already own a Kindle and use it often.  I do not usually take the Kindle to work since my kids use it as much as I do.  So I downloaded the Kindle for Android and have made a commitment to always have a book loaded and ready to be read.  Whenever I have a few free minutes – waiting for the bus at work, in line at the grocery, waiting for lunch, I will read.

It has been a goal of mine for a few years to read 40 books in a year.  I fail every year – I think I made it to 25 once – including audio versions.  By using the otherwise wasted time in my day, I think I can get to the goal.

What will I read? Mostly non-fiction, but I really just want interesting, well-written books.

I read Crush It! over the weekend – nice, short, easy to read.  Good advice from Gary Vaynerchuk on internet branding.

I downloaded Zen To Done by Leo Babauta today.  I will let you know how it goes.

Anyone have any book recommendations?  Post them here.

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5 Responses to Life is better without TV

  1. Pack Rat says:

    The Bible. Really. I don’t care if you are Christian or not. Read Proverbs (good general advice about living). There are 31 chapters so you can read one chapter a day in a month. If you have a bad day, read Job. Nobody’s day get’s worse than that especially when your own wife tells you to “curse God and die”. Get a translation you like, some of them are kind of hard to read. has all of them so you don’t even have to buy it.

  2. Jean says:

    The Bible is a good one – try the new translation of the New Testament – Common English Bible – costs less than $5. For fiction, try “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett. For non fiction and in support of a simpler life, try “Enough” by Adam Hamilton. Both are available in paper, perhaps for your Kindle. As an aside – I don’t really understand Kindle. I like the whole “book” idea – the inky smell, the heft of the volume, the sight on the bookshelf – all that physical stuff about books.

    • Bill says:

      The attraction of the Kindle for me is convenience. I can buy a book anytime anywhere. I can carry several books with me at a time without the extra weight and bulk. I can also use the Kindle app on my Android phone to read the same books as I have on the actual Kindle if I leave it at home. When I return to the Kindle, the device automatically syncs to the last page read. I think the Kindle is easier to hold and easier on my eyes than paper.

      However, we all read for our own reasons. The most important thing is to be reading, I suppose the medium is less important than the act itself.

  3. Jean says:

    By the way – I left off the TV more than 5 years ago and haven’t missed it for a minute yet.

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